Our Story

We want to show the world why you matter

Nippon Design Center (NDC) was established in Tokyo in 1959 to develop the Japanese economy through a design perspective.

Throughout the years, our company has been involved with major global projects including the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and has played a key role in the growth of several large enterprises that lead the modern Japanese economy. Today, our company is a global corporation that works not only in Japan, but also Europe and Asia, particularly China and Korea.

Now, Nippon Design Center is broadening its horizons to the rest of the world by establishing an American office Nippon Design Center USA (NDCLA), as of March 2022.

We at NDCLA hold dear the values of Eastern and Western cultures, focus on the values of Art, Life, and Technology, and propel a design language that is simple, clear, and bold, to create work that is rife with vision and rich in concept.


People of NDCLA